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Why do you say “Clean up my credit report”?

Millions of people need to clean up their credit report to improve their credit score.

Easy Credit Our commercial filled, easy credit society has encouraged too many people to spend beyond their means to pay for their purchases. Many people do not even think about the price of an item; they only wonder if they can make the payments.

After too many credit card purchases, their minimum payment requirements exceed their ability to pay.

When your bills are not paid on time notations are made in your credit report and your credit score suffers.
Identity Theft Because dishonest people want things they cannot afford, they steal identities of innocent victims. These criminals then use the good credit ratings of others and go on a spending spree.

Their philosophy is, “Buy Now, Pay Never!”

The result is that innocent people spend months or years trying to redeem their good names, not to mention correcting their credit reports and improving their credit scores.

If you are a victim you can see how you can help prevent future identity theft and help free yourself from unauthorized charges made to your credit cards at Identity Theft Help and Prevention.…